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Tentrr Partners gives you the opportunity to list your existing tent or glamping site that can be booked by our awesome community of campers. You will have the benefit of additional marketing for your business as well as the ability to add extras to create your own micro-business. Call us at 888-798-9093 or schedule a call to get started.

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“It was really wonderful... I felt that we weren’t just doing it alone.”
– Ritika Wahal, CampKeeper

We're partners

By becoming a Partner, you'll benefit from all of our Trust Tools which includes general liability insurance and 24/7 support from our highly skilled and helpful Customer Experience team. The best part - it costs $0 and you can get started today!

Benefit Overview

Tentrr Partners

$0 to list your site
$2MM liability insurance + 24/7 support
Earn 90% of nightly rate
Average nightly rate starts at $250
Earn additional 80% with Extras
100% flexibility and control of your bookings

Check out Tentrr Signature – our premium turnkey opportunity for glamping, or Tentrr Backcountry, our low-risk, $0 down option for more traditional camping.