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Tentrr Backcountry

A natural fit

Tentrr Backcountry allows you to share your beautiful land as is. Campers have the chance to bring their own gear and enjoy your piece of paradise in its natural glory, and you’ll still have the ability to add extras to create your own micro-business. Call us at 888-798-9093 or schedule a call to get started.

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“It was about being able to use what we were already sitting on which I knew was valuable.”
– Hall Smyth, CampKeeper
The greatest outdoors

Backcountry offers campers a more traditional camping experience and appeals to those looking for a change of pace, or to get back in tune with nature. Campers will arrive at the site with their own gear to set up camp, and create their own adventure.

Land at work

Listing a Backcountry site is an ideal way to start earning income from your land. Whether you’re a new landowner looking to share your quiet corner of nature, or an established farmer wanting to leverage an existing business, Tentrr offers an opportunity to make money from your greatest asset – your land.

Benefit Overview

Tentrr Backcountry

$0 to get started
$2MM liability insurance + 24/7 support
Earn 90% of nightly rate
Average nightly rate at $35, starting at $20
Earn additional 80% with Extras
Easiest way to utilize your undeveloped land

There is no upfront cost, so let us take care of the details while your land supports itself.

Check out Tentrr Signature – our premium turnkey opportunity. We’ll set up our iconic, fully-equipped campsite and provide all the tools to run and manage your own small business.