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Let's All Be More In Tents

Tentrr is an online marketplace that connects local landowners with anyone seeking to explore the great outdoors.

Through a streamlined search and booking system, people with extra space can share their land and create remarkable experiences for a growing network of happy campers. Tentrr eliminates the stress of planning and executing a camping trip by providing insurance, customer support, and top quality equipment – including the tent.

Pitching a Tentrr

Founder Michael D'Agostino was unable to find an available campsite during a busy summer weekend, so he and his wife Eloise settled on a much pricier vacation rental. They were awestruck by the landscape, but frustrated to see so many fences plastered with "No Trespassing" signs. If only there was a way, he thought, to connect hospitable local landowners with nature-starved urbanites. Everyone could benefit by sharing the land.

The service didn't exist. So he created it.


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